An Office in the Playroom - a Good Idea (in Theory)

An Office in the Playroom – a Good Idea (in Theory)

I love going into the office. There is something about going into work, being surrounded by activity, and being in the midst of it all seems to be energizing and useful.

I can’t go into the office all the time. As a mom, sometimes I need to be home. And I don’t mind that either. In the summertime, you can bet that most of my work is done from the house. School is out and the kids need me here – and they are my first priority.

I loved the article over at LifeHacker that talked about the concept of working from home. Not so much because of its message, but because it made me shake my head and wonder if I was the only one whose home office consisted of a laptop, printer, DSL and Dora the Explorer. But the emphasis on finding a happy medium is an important one.

It seems that (reading through the comments) most folks work from home when they “need to get things done.” That is not the world I live in. We bought our house two children ago. With 4 bedrooms, I really thought we were buying too much house. Two more children later, I have lost my office (4th bedroom), and my dining room (playroom).

The idea to move the office into the playroom was good, in theory. When I worked from home, I could do what I needed to do while still being able to watch the children. However, I don’t get the residual “work at home benefits” of reduced distractions. Most projects take longer to finish and have to be triple checked for errors.

But then I consider Wendy’s question,”What’s your happy medium?”

An office in the world and an office in the playroom. My office is my grown up place and I do get more work done there. My playroom office is my mommy place. I realize how fortunate I am for the children that are mine and the career that allows me do have the Wiggles playing in the background.

We all have balancing acts that we tweak on a regular basis to get all that we can out of life. Mine consist of family, profession, and community. I am curious as to what scales others use, and how they know when they are tilted.


  1. I remember those days well. It changes as they get older…for example, now my 13 & 15 year olds are off at field hockey camp for the week, I decided to work from home yesterday to enjoy the house all to myself!

  2. While I am really focusing on appreciating each stage, week long hockey camp sounds nice.

    I hope you enjoyed your day!

  3. I have not used the office in our home in a long time. Dmitry uses the desk top in there and I take my laptop wherever I need to be: the living room, the porch, the backyard, etc. When the phone rings, my daughter and I have the “no talking” conversation for 2 seconds before pick up. Sometimes it even works. Other times she needs to say “hello’ to whoever is on the other end of the conversation. Oh well.

  4. The “no talking” conversation – I know that one well I think we have about a 50-50 success rate with that one. That goes down if you count the times they don’t talk but decide now is the time to play with the Wiggles dance mat.

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