Welcome to Blogging Richmond Hill

Welcome to Blogging Richmond Hill

What exactly is “a blog?”

  • Blog is short for “Web Log.”
  • It can best be described as an online journal.
  • The articles, or “posts,” can be made as often as necessary so the information is always current.
  • Guests and registered users can submit comments on the posts and exchange ideas.
  • These same posts and comments are grouped by category, post month, and even series if desired.

So then, what is “Blogging Richmond Hill ?”

  • This is a specialized blog designed uniquely for Richmond Hill.
  • The information directly impacts the Richmond Hill community.

How is this helpful to me?

  • Blogging Richmond Hill strives to be your “one stop shop” for all your community information online.
  • You will be able to browse a growing number of local businesses.
  • You can keep current with your neighbors and community.
  • Stay informed about community events and local activity.
  • Interact with people that care about the same things you do.

I am in! How do I participate?

  • The easiest way is to come back often! You can do this by bookmarking the site or subscribing to the feed.
  • Leave comments on the posts to voice your thoughts, opinions, questions…whatever. Just please remember we are a family friendly site. As such, the moderator reserves the right to edit comments. These edits will always be clearly annotated and on file to view if requested.
  • Submit your links. Do you blog, own a business, run a website? Tell us about it!
  • Let us know about events, information, and all kinds of other stuff that’s going on. We will be more than happy to post birthdays, anniversaries, announcements, etc.

Again, welcome to Blogging Richmond Hill – The Blog for The Hill.

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