I quit smoking

Just now…and that’s all I have to say about that.


  1. woohoo! good for you!
    hang in there…i’ve never been a smoker, but i know that quitting is really tough. 🙂

  2. Thanks Lisa…I have smoked since I was 15…always quit when I was pregnant, but always started back…it is not any fun – but so necessary. I appreciate the support

  3. Keep it up!

  4. Do it April! Quit and quit for good! You can do this, I know you can!
    I believe in you and in your strength. You are far, far better than any cigarette.
    Hana hou ‘Apelila Kekuewa!
    Auntie Rosa

  5. Thanks, Sock Man!!

  6. Auntie, Mahalo nui loa for manawale’a. You are too good to me…my heart swells…Mea aloha, Auntie Rosa.

  7. Congratulations! I quit cold turkey on November 7, 2001 and haven’t had an urge yet. Although, a mentor once told me if you remember the day you quit, you really never quit smoking and you just “stopped” smoking. Well, I was proud I stopped smoking over 40 cigarettes per day~!

    I told him .. It’s easy for the people who don’t blog to forget the day they quit smoking .. and did that sloppy :Ptftftftfttt in his face! For the rest of us who do blog and have our own sites .. HECK .. WE ANNOUNCE IT TO THE WORLD – BECAUSE WE CAN!

    Good Luck .. and Have A Long Healthy Life~

  8. I gave up chewing tobacco about three months ago. I started when I was around 13 and I am fixing to turn 27 so go figure.

    I mentioned quitting on my blog in an interview that I did about a month ago here: http://www.derekburress.com/blog/?cat=42

    I had major craving for about a month and my last craving was last week, but chewing gum has helped a lot since then. I told my grandmother of my craving yesterday and she was like… you have came too far to go back!

  9. WOOHOO!! You go girl!! I know that you can do this. You have already accomplished so many other things in your life, this should be easy to accomplish, too. If you need a shopping buddy, you know where to find me. Good sales always keep my mind and hands preoccupied 🙂
    Love you! Jeanie

  10. Wade Young says:

    Are you still not smoking? My wife smokes one cigarette per day, but she smokes Nat Sherman cigarettes. They are all natural. She claims that it’s the stuff they put in the standard cigarettes — tar, nicotine, chemicals — that makes them addictive. She claims that all natural tobacco isn’t addictive. She also read about a study once that said that people who smoke 1-2 cigarettes per day have a reduced risk of lung cancer, presumably some sort of immunization benefit from smoking a small amount.

  11. Wade,

    Some weeks, days, hours are better than others. Maybe less than a half a pack a day at most. Sometimes it none…

    I have to look up those Nat Shermans…I have never heard of them.

  12. Wade Young says:

    Nat Sherman Black & Golds – you can find them at any tobacco store.

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