“8 Random Things about Me” Bloggy Contest

“8 Random Things about Me” Bloggy Contest

So, I have been meme tagged by Chris Cree. And because I trust him to be a great filter, I am playing (not to mention the fact that I think memes are great fun).

He tagged me over at Making Life Work for You, but I am sure he will understand if I answer here at Beautiful Chaos.

  1. My faith is a journey.
  2. I still battle with the mean things kids say.
  3. I have horrid fashion sense. My husband is my saving grace in this category. He is very artistic with an eye for color (and tacky). He always makes sure I don’t make a fool of myself. His years of guidance are paying off – I can almost dress myself now!
  4. My favorite food is birthday cake -the yellow kind with white icing…preferably from Kroger. However, red and blue icing are deal breakers – yuck!
  5. I used to love going to the gym. I put on 80lbs. during my second pregnancy. Savannah only weighed 8lbs 15ozs – guess where the other 71lbs 1oz were…So, I got real serious about it. I really wish I could get back to that place mentality. It would sure benefit me physically.
  6. My kids and I all have Hawaiian middle names – Kekuewa (both mine and the oldest), Kauailani, Kahaunani, and Pakalana. Cool, huh?
  7. I hate the way I look in photographs and sound in audio recording. How egocentric is that?! But true none the less.
  8. Coloring my hair is one of my favorite things to do…well, having Kathlene color it for me. I just wish red didn’t fade so fast.


  • Explanations of #1& #2 are intentionally left out – those require you buying me a cup of coffee 🙂
  • There is a bloggy contest associated with this meme – ready?
  1.  Give your guess in the comment section for the English meanings of #6 according to my great grandma (sorry, that’s the rule – she trumps all English-Hawaiian dictionaries). You get an entry for each right answer.
  2. Give your guess in the comment section for the pronunciation of #6. Again, one entry for each right answer.
  3. Just leave a comment.
  4. Participate in the meme and link back here. I am not tagging anybody in particular – hate to wear out my memey welcome 🙂 If for some reason your link back doesn’t show up in the comment section, let me know and I’ll make sure you get your entry.

That’s it – you can obviously enter more than once to increase your chances. I’ll pull early next Tuesday, email the winner, and post the result in next weeks Turn Around Tuesday newsletter. You can subscribe on my website.

The winner will receive Managing with Aloha by Rosa Say. If you haven’t checked out her wealth of information, you should do that now.



  1. I just love reading the things you have to say. Every word that comes out mesmerizes me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful person as you in my world!

  2. As the tagger I know I’m not in the running for the book. But how many points do I get for a correct guess for where #5 went? 😆

  3. Jeanie – you are an awesome friend…I don’t know what I would do without you…

    Chris, on the other hand…No, a guess on #5 was NOT part of the bloggy competition. But, being the tagger doesn’t exclude you from the running. So, you get one point for the *snide* comment 😛

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    O.K. April… I’ve decided to try to guess the pronounciation of #6… let me know if you have trouble reading my phonic encryption!!
    Kekuewa – (kay-coo-wa)
    Kauailani – (cow-uh-la-knee)
    Kahaunani – (ca-who-na-knee)
    Pakalana – (pa-ca-la-nuh)

    I’m sure I’m not even close, but it was fun giving it a try!!

  5. omg- obviously MY name is Hawaiian!!! God love Scotch Irish Hawaiian girls 🙂

    Thanks for sharing about yourself- I would never have guessed #3!

  6. Grandma question: Beautiful flower? I guessed!

    Kekuewa – (key-coo-wa)
    Kauailani – (cow-AL-la-knee)
    Kahaunani – (ca-who-na-knee)
    Pakalana – (pak-aw-la-nuh)

    All with a southern accent of course!

    Don’t need any books – got plenty as it is!
    Darn I gotta answer a math question to post this comment.

  7. Correction – “la” to me is pronounced as in LAY no lie.

    /is way off anyways I am sure.

  8. Lani – I had been wondering about you and that name…just hadn’t gotten around to asking yet…realty shows and bon bons and all. #3 surprises everybody – except my dear husband…who gets all the credit for everybody else being surprised.

    Derek – you were close on the definition of one of the names…we won’t talk about the pronunciations yet – can’t give away the answers 🙂 Your name is in the hat anyway – this is my first bloggy contest – don’t make it harder for me to keep up!

  9. What the H is a meme?!


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