My Jack Bauer 24 hours

Typically this is the kind of stuff I would post over at Beautiful Chaos, but, there was just enough “business” stuff to leave it over here.

Long story incredibly short (insert signature “tick, tick” 24 sound effect here for maximum effect).

  • Supposed to go to a Sand Gnats game for a WBA night out. This means getting work done early, babies packed up for grandma’s house, and the older kids ready to go – whew.
  • Drop babies off, running late, get to ball park. Hurricane like conditions unleash a fury on the ground. Where in the world did THAT come from?
  • Get into the stadium – we are soaked. Rain delay


Insert more “tick, tick, tick” here – about 2 hours worth. Do you know how much food, junk, sodas, etc. kids can consume in two hours? It is unbelievable.

  • Game finally starts. It is so late, we make it three innings before the kids start to suffer from “cotton candy crash.” Pack it up and take it to the house.
  • Exhausted, so wonderful, night owl hubby has the sweetest suggestion to drop me and the two older girls off at home and he will go retrieve the two younger.
  • Sleep!

Typically, this begins a new 24 hour period. It did not feel like a new 24 hour period when I woke up late this morning, so we will continue.

  • Woke up late. No time to check email, go through reader, or post…I hate that.
  • Have to get the kids into the van – you know the one…in my driveway…with a flat tire. Ugh!
  • Husband dutiful puts on the spare in record time. Get the kids where they need to go and, believe it or not – I make my 9AM meeting on time.
  • Meeting goes wonderfully. Hanging out with Lisa discussing eWomen Network is always a blast. (Chris, I did push the blog idea…soon, real soon)
  • Get home, tire has to be fixed…still no time to check email, go through reader, return phone calls, put together fliers…and the eleventy billion other things I need to do today.
  • Finally get on the computer…get lost in Facebook…ah, the beauty of Web 2.0…Found the neatest circle of friends app thanks to Dawud. I am clearly operating in two circles – bloggers and realtors…must continue to bridge that divide in my friends list.
  • You’ve got mail. WordPress informs me that there is a pingback on my Technorati post…Liz has included me on her SOB Business Cafe. Wow…

Top that, Jack Bauer.


  1. gl hoffman says:

    Thanks for stopping by, April. I enjoy reading your blogs too.
    Have a great weekend.

    what would dad say

  2. Sand Gnats… Savanah has or used to have some of the best looking hats in the minor league.

    /is a former minor leaguer turned coach.

  3. GL – at least once a day. You do good stuff over there.

    Derek – Yeah – the hats came with the group package – kids were very excited. I think they look really good myself

    BTW – I’ll be over to write some today…Promise 🙂

  4. April, The timing here is spooky. I just wrote her blog setup on my to-do list and literally clicked on this post next. “tick, tick, tick” 🙂

  5. I love this post, April. Sounds like one of my typical days – just without the sleep. And I can certainly loose hours in Facebook. Thanks for the link love.

  6. Chris…well, get to setting up. That Mac has to be more than just a pretty paper weight.

    Dawud – you are welcome. And you rock for the sleep thing. I typically don’t need much…but I need at least a nap.

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