I have to Weigh in on the Michael Vick Indictment

I have to Weigh in on the Michael Vick Indictment

Ok – I don’t typically get into real controversial stuff, but this is one opinion I just have to voice.

Disclaimer 1- I think dog fighting is horrific and completely support the offense being labeled as a felony with prison time as a just punishment.

Disclaimer 2 – I could care less if if Michael Vick continues to receive endorsements – he never sends me any money so his income does not affect me.  I would prefer that Atlanta cut him simply because I am an Atlanta fan and not real impressed with his ability to lead the team or produce as a quarterback.

Down to my opinion. Vick has been indicted, not convicted. I don’t know why people have already called for the team and his sponsors to cut him. The Duke Lacrosse team is coming back to my memory.

Do I think he is guilty? Who cares. I am not on a jury – although I would be willing to volunteer if anybody can set that up for me.

There are people who say he is guilty. So what? I have been the unfortunate subject in a few untruths in my life. I’d be willing to bet you have too.

Then there’s the camp that says Michael Vick should be punished even if he isn’t convicted because everybody knows that rich people always get off. Just look at OJ. This aggravates me to no end.  Let’s follow this logic. I work hard, get born into, dumb luck – whatever – my way into being successful and making a boatload of money. Now, anybody can claim anything against me, true or not, and based on the claim, I am penalized. Does this make sense – really?  Who in their right mind would agree with this if it were themselves being treated this way?

The person (Michael Vick) is not the issue here. Neither is the crime. The point is the right we all have to our day in court and to defend ourselves. Micheal Vick is not an exception. Dog fighting isn’t either.

If you chose to disagree – that’s great, as that is your right. I just hope, for your sake, you don’t end up on the other side of the judgement fence.


  1. Joe Freeman says:

    Why is it that supposedly smat,intelligent people such as yourself tend to whistle past the grave yard? Haven’t you kept up with the news reports? One of those thugs named in the indictment along with Vick is ,according to the news reprots ALREADy seeking to jump ship and sing a sad song( for Vick at least) to save his sorry skin. When he does,will your opinion change? Will it change when and if he goes to trial and is convicted? Do You also deny THE OTHER misteps he has made? Face it whether he is convicted or not he is a THUG.

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I have kept up with the news reports. When they report whether he has been found guilty or innocent – I will be interested.

    No, my opinion will not change. My support was for the system – not the man. My opinion is that I believe in the system. We have the assurance of innocence until proven guilty and the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. I am not ready to spit in the eye of that.

    I did not deny any missteps. In fact, I think I was clear that I was looking forward to a Vickless Falcons and didn’t care what his sponsors did – I don’t buy Vick gear and he does pay my mortgage. I beef with the situation is the blatant disregard of a person’s judicial process by a bunch of people who would never stand for being treated in the same manner.

    I appreciate your passion on this subject and am glad you decided to weigh in.

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