I am batting .800 for the day

And that is saying something in the world of Beautiful Chaos!

First – the things I did not do

  1. Make a breakfast meeting – which I hate that I missed
  2. Get my college enrollment letter in the mail – which I can do tomorrow

But – I did

  1. Have lunch with a friend
  2. Get my Constant Contact set up for Turn Around Tuesday
  3. Got the Bryan County GOP website up (read “started) – come on, nobody’s surprised I am a conservative.
  4. Got as far as I could get with the Top 2 Bottom Organizing webpage
  5. My crowning achievement…MY FAVICON WORKS! After some direction from Jay, a lot of procrastination, and a link from Char…woo hoo!!

Sure – that’s only .714.  But if you take into consideration that I fixed my hair, brushed my teeth, and kept up with all the kids – that’s an even .800.

I am going to take a nap 😉


  1. April – great work – sounds like a well deserved nap. I could use one too! I’m glad my tutorial was helpful and thanks for the link.

  2. And a lovely favicon it is…. glad to be of some assistance!

    And just what I need, another blog in the feed reader. Char’s place looks like a wealth of info!

  3. Char – I didn’t get that darn nap 😛

    Jay – Thanks! And it is…Char is awesome!

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