I was invited to Talking Story with Say

I was invited to Talking Story with Say

And you can bet the bank I accepted!

Scouting around for new blogs (like I need any more in my reader!), I was over on Kirsten Harrell’s site peeking at her blog roll.  There’s one at the bottom (because they are in alphabetical order) called Talking Story. Now, for those of you that have read my about me page, you know that I am Hawaiian on my dad’s side. Therefore, I know that  Hawaiians do not have conversations – we talk story.  So, you know I clicked that one!

That was the best thing that happened to me that day. Rosa Say is a leadership coach in Hawaii. She has melded our Hawaiian spirit into the business world – it is a phenom idea.

Of course I added her to my reader. Then I emailed her directly. Then I waited. Opps, maybe I was too forward. I waited. “You’ve got mail.” Ok, so my computer doesn’t actually say that – but you get the point. It was Rosa! She had been on vacation.

Now, I am happy to report, we are becoming friends.  She is a wonderful encourager and someone I am glad to know.

Rosa has invited me to guest author on her blog during July while we discuss Ho’okipa (hospitality). It took me a few days to get the post out because I was a bit nervous. But, it is there now. Jump on over and check it out.

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