I am Bruised but not Beaten (AKA – my fight with my Inbox)

I am making a rule right now – there will never be more than 10 sitting messages in my inbox. OMG!!!  I cannot believe I let it get so carried away (I deleted all the extra “ooooo” on the end of “so” – I am not a fan of a lot of creative spelling.)

There had to have been a hundred messages in my inbox.  That is unproductive, irresponsible, and just plain lazy!  Luckily, I did not discover and smelly socks (read as “crap I forgot to do”).

I use Outlook because it is easy.  I can organize my junk stuff into neat little trash cans folders.  Then I have all the stuff I don’t need for a time when I am not going to need it.  No wonder my house is always cluttered…I can’t stand to throw stuff away. 

I might need that email coupon from that one store…that doesn’t even do business in the Savannah area – I would have to drive to Jacksonville.  I might decide to go shopping, in Jacksonville, two hours away, with my four kids…right. 

Or that link to that one site that tells me about that one product that I might buy, one day, if I need it, but I am not sure that I do…ok.

And I can’t part with the email from my friend that contains her vacation pictures, of palm trees and water, which I downloaded so that it is not only taking up room in my email but also on my hard drive…madness!

So, I am setting out to conquer the clutter and my husband has joined me.  We agreed that I can’t do the house until he does the garage and the attic (yes, “I”, yes, “him” – I am that kind of wife and he is that kind of husband and we like it that way.)  But, that is a hard task during the week, so it will have to wait.

That’s okay – there’s more than enough “throwing out” to do right here on my laptop.


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