A Blogging Theory I Disagree With

My blog hasn’t been around a long time – I haven’t been around a long time. But, I think it is fairly obvious that you could get a bit of anything when you show up here.  We may be watching baby alligators in a swimming pool, talking about termite inspections, memeing anybody I can think of, or analyzing the importance of DOMs…ya just don’t ever know – heck, I don’t even know – I drink the same coffee nearly every morning, but the topics are still different.

Now, I know this breaks one of the blogging rules that says to have a primary focus (Tony, Rhonda, and Deborah aren’t the only ones who feel this way – I hear it a lot).   I tried that – don’t look at me like that, Lar!  I really did. This was a real estate blog about, well, real estate.  Specifically homes in the Richmond Hill area.  But, Richmond Hill, while an up and coming town, is still small (Chris does not get to comment on this point.)

Then, as it is customary for bloggers to do, I started reading other blogs.  There are a bunch of people out there with a lot to say. Guess what – that’s why I fit in.  Surprise, surprise – I’ve got a lot to say too and it doesn’t all have to do with real estate.

So, I made a “personal blog.”But guess what – it’s not all personal.  A lot of it is “business/life momentum” (I’ll think of a cool catch phrase later.)  I decided I am NOT starting another blog for my different thought processes…I would have eleventy billion.  Who has that kind of time?

Therefore, this blog may break this one rule, but it strictly follows two others.

  • I have a goal – to invite you to get to know me and, hopefully, you’ll allow me to get to know you.
  • I have a voice – and it is my own.  I am responsible about what I put out on the internet, but what is approved for posting is transparently me.

Those things are more important to me that being singularly focused.  After all, as Athol so observantly pointed out, my other blog is entitled Beautiful Chaos…there must be something about it I like.  


  1. 😆

  2. Hi April – I so enjoy hearing what you like say. Yes, I do think it is important for a business blog to have focus, however that doesn’t mean you have to stay within the strict confines of that focus. I think it is more about direction than strict adherence to focus. I think it’s healthy for a blog to occasionally go outside the confines of it’s focus as long as the direction is generally maintained.

    Fortunately, I think you do a wonderful job at maintaining direction, while providing spice by going outside the confines of your blogs focus. Heck, today Rhonda posted a recipe.

    Really good post and thank you for keeping us on our toes.

  3. Chris – thanks!

    Tony, you don’t need me to keep you on your toes. You are a real-deal, don’t miss blog. But, if your measure of focus is what I produce, I am a lucky girl! Thanks for always being a positive force, Tony – it is needed.

  4. Derek Burress says:

    April, I found your site through some other site as I was making a new blogroll (I called it a bookmark page) and immediately added your site to the bookmarks.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you as I started my blog out as a real estate blog. I started blogging while in real estate school so I had a lot of educational articles. Well over time, real estate got boring and I started writing about history, baseball and everything else. Real estate sites in general are boring but bring a little personal flavor to the site and you have an amazing site. I break all the blogging rules – I took my old realestateperspectives.com articles off and put them on my personal blog, blog about off topic stuff, never use images, and a bunch of other stuff but the way I do it is the way that works best for me! Plus it is a lot easier having one blog than 5 – like I had last year!

  5. Derek, I appreciate the compliment and the link!

    I have been writing for years, but blogging only a few months. One of the things I love about writing is just putting ink on paper – whatever you feel like that day. I tried to be more disciplined with my blogging…no luck.

    I will stick with the two (I write about my family too often to just have one)…and the chaos will just have to be, well, Beautiful

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