The Opi is Travelling and we are all going big

The “Opi” is traveling – and we are all going Big!

A few weeks ago I was witness to an incredible conversation concerning being inspired by and growing into your future you.  We all have that person we want to become and questions on how to get there.  My idea was to know where you are going.  Thus, the “Opi meme” was born.

The initial benefit to me was I had sat down and defined the future me. While this seems like a child’s fantasy playtime (and in some respects it is), it also proved to be a wonderful exercise in self development, goal setting, and prioritizing.

Then, in the fashion of meme’s, I tagged a few folks and they tagged a few more.  A new benefit that I had not considered before appeared – I got to read other people’s “opi’s” – their desire for their future selves.  It was very inspiring and informative.  It is much easier to think big about yourself if those around you are thinking big too.  And it is easier to achieve big when you are accountable to and supported by those same folks. 

  • When was the last time you thought big?
  • Who are the people that support you in achieving big?
  • Have you been the kind of manager, friend, person that encourages big?

Need some inspiration? These folks are full of it – inspiration, I mean! And try it – write an Opi of your own.  You may surprise yourself.


  1. Hi April!
    This is wonderful! Thank you for becoming such a vital part of the blogosphere. Gosh, it’s great to have you here! There’s joy everywhere you go.

    I read your about page. How you honor your past, only speaks to what you bring to the future. 🙂

    Thank you for inviting me into your blog and for saying I inspire you. Believe me, on this morning in July it’s with a smile I say that you do the same for me.


  2. April, You’ve grown so much on the blogging front already in such a short time. I’m excited to see where you go because I expect you’ll get there soon!

  3. Well done April! I loved this meme, precisely because I got to think big. I don’t do it often enough. Thanks again for inspiring me. Keep dreaming! All the best.

  4. Liz – could you be any nicer to me? I doubt it. Thanks so very much. My heart is smiling and I appreciate it.

    Chris – You should be excited! It’s partially your fault! The Cree family has been the “miracle grow” in my garden of professional flowers.

    Terry – Thanks. It is always helpful to know a few other optimist in the world.

  5. April, this was a lot of, I learned a new word, OPI and had a chance to dream. We all need dreams

  6. Jim – I am glad you had fun. And it is so important to have big dreams – especially the ones that prompt big action.


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