What do you mean you’re a “matchmaker?”

I get this question a lot.  So I will answer it here.

Say what you want about the practices of performing real estate transactions. I know many people approach this business many different ways. Some focus on marketing, others on great sales techniques, still some more on education and designation – I sure there are a host of others. I won’t even get into commercial real estate, that is a whole different animal.

I am a residential real estate agent.  I deal in homes and families. I focus on people and safe havens. I say it in my website, I don’t buy and sell houses – I help make homes.

This outlook on real estate does not lend itself well to the wonderful art of salesmanship.  I am a huge Zig Ziglar fan – I think his valuation of the sales profession is pure genius.  His character and moral fortitude should be the standard. But, I am not a salesman. Well, I may be a good fit for his current approach. But, I still feel I lack all the qualifications to merit that designation.

I am a matchmaker. It is my job to understand the desires of people. If they aren’t sure what those desires are, it is my job to help them formulate them for themselves. Then I find those homes that will be that fulfillment. I match them up. I am a matchmaker.

It is my personal opinion that a good many real estate professionals approach their business this way, even if they word it differently. I also think the clients respond well to this approach. I may be wrong, but if I am, this is one instance where I will have to stay wrong, because I am not sure I could do it any other way.

I’d like to add some validity to my personal thoughts.
Are you an agent or a professional in some other client based market? How do you approach your business?
Are you a consumer? How would you like to be approached?
Have you been either in the past? Tell me about it.

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