Intention vs. Expectation

I am getting used to my funky music affirmations I downloaded from ipopin.  I don’t feel quite so weird hearing and repeating to myself these little one liners about how great I am gonna make life. Maybe because it’s working (not quite ready to release the possibility of coincidence.)

There is one on there that I really like. The music is strong, the voice empowering, and “I step into the flow of intention,” and she means it, therefore, so do I.

There is one that confused the whole thing for me.  She is setting her intentions and releasing expectations.  Huh? I thought the point was to expect goods things. Now, we are here releasing those expectations and concentrating on intentions.  My brain chewed on this thought for a while.  I am always uncomfortable with things my head can’t understand it, but it still rings true to myself.

Aha! I can’t explain to you the entire thought process that lead up to this moment (you would be confused and asleep before I finished).  So let me give you just the end result.

Intention– a determination to act in a certain way, resolve.
Expectation – the act or state of expecting (to look forward), anticipation

There’s the difference acting vs. looking.  Resolve vs. anticipation.  Action vs. Inaction.

That’s why it rang true to who I am.  I am a personal responsibility kind of girl.  I believe that  if you want it – work for it, if it’s hard – be harder, scary – do it scared.  Non voters don’t get to complain about politics. Non exercisers don’t get to complain about feeling weak. Non runners don’t get to complain about being slow…you get the point.

So now, I set my intentions and let go of expectations. Expectations always messed me up anyway.  I would have how it “should be” so firmed up in my planners brain, that any deviation (even good ones) would wreck the whole endeavor. Expectations are fine, but understand how little control you have over their materialization.

I expect to be productive today – if those around me don’t have the same expectation, I’ve got problems because I can’t control them.
I intend to have a productive day – nobody can touch that.  I own it. It has everything to do with my resolve and determination.

I have left behind expectations…I really like this intention thing.


  1. Hi April,
    So glad you to read about your experience with ipopins. Thank you for sharing your experience (and links) with your readers!

    The expectation thing is a hard one to get – it seems that you are getting it though. 🙂 The key is to set our intentions and then let go of our expectations about how this will appear in our life. We must let go of attachment to the results while still focusing on our intentions. This allows room for the unexcpected ways that our desires can show up in our lives.

  2. Yeah – it took me a minute, but it was a fun search. Still putting it all together – but that’s ok. I am comfortable being a dynamic being that constantly evolves. I am just lucky to run into neat people that add substance.

  3. Good point… I don’t want to ever stop learning and evolving either. Life is so full and rich with opportunities to learn from each other and grow. 🙂 Here’s to more growing and evolving.

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