Meme’ed Again!

Meme’ed Again!

This techno meme tag from Stacey, via Toby Boyce and Maureen McCabe, is being accepted because I learned something from the techno memes before me.  Not to mention Stacey called me “favorite.” Flattery goes a long way! I always appreciate both, so here is my thanks.

Web – Goodness, where do I begin?  Ok, push the internet button to get online, Google gets the homepage spot because it houses my reader and my analytics. Then there are the 3 MLSes that I have to check, property updates, contact management, the list goes on and I won’t bore you with (I heard you say “it’s too late.” That’s not nice.)

Browser – IE7 or Mozilla. I am not real thrilled with either but they are the most popular ones on my stats, so I guess I had better see stuff the way others see it.  IE7 is cool because it has a lot of gadgets – the same gadgets that lock my system up on occasion.  Mozilla has the neat auto cache/history/general existence eraser, but it doesn’t remember my form fill in and I hate typing it all over again.

Aggregator – Google reader

Wiki – pedia?

Groups– MyBlogLog, Active Rain, My Blog Catalog, Myspace, Peopleized, Facebook, Linkedin…the usual

Blog platform – WordPress – all the way.  I have used TypePad and still do to contribute to Rosa Say’s blog, but I really like WordPress.

IM & Skype– Umm…no

Radio – Talk Radio Junkie!  Take from that what you will.  Unless it’s before 9AM – then it’s Kidd Kraddick!

Music– If I am not listening to talk radio or Kidd, it’s because the kids are in the van – so Disney something or another is on.  Unless I am feeling froggy, then I’ll listen to country

TV– Braves Baseball, Ga Dawg Football, Law and Order (doesn’t matter which), CSI (must be Las Vegas), House, American Idol (laugh if you want)

Books– Smart stuff…Interesting…eclectic – recommend it and I will probably read it.

Podcast– Not yet.

Communications– Email, cell, online

Magazines– Richmond Hill Reflections is a great local magazine! It’s really the only one I read.

Newspaper – The local, Bryan County News, The Coastal Courier, and Savannah News

I’m not tagging anybody because I am afraid I will wear out my meme welcome.  But, if you are a techno geek (you know I am talking to you) please participate…I like learning all your secrets!


  1. Hey!

    I am following this “media consumption diet” thread and am trying to suggest an idea of a Commfree Day – one day every month to be spent away from media and information technology. I have a post with more explanation about it and will be glad to hear what you and others think about it:


  2. Thanks for accepting the Meme April!! I have meetings in Savannah Thursday and Friday. They will finish up around 5, let me know if you are available to meet.

  3. Possibly Thursday…shoot me an email and let me know where you’re gonna be and I’ll see what I can work out.

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