Doing it different

In honor of my birthday, I decided to test my own theory about making little changes to see if productivity is all it could be.

  • I should not sleep in on a regular basis.  The past couple of mornings, I made myself stay in bed until somewhere around 7.  This does not work for me. It throws off my whole day, I can’t find my groove, and stuff that I need to do gets left undone.
  • I should sleep in once in a while. The first day of this test was great! It felt like I was getting away with something and we all need that every so often.
  • I should not turn off my laptop for an extended period of time. I decided this would be a eFree weekend. I scanned emails for emergency situations and a few other things, but I left most of it alone. Consequences – this has been the hardest Monday I have had in quite a long time. I feel very behind and feverish to catch up. My tummy hurts and I have a headache.
  • I should turn off my laptop for a little while. I have kinda been doing this for a while. 8PM is shutdown time unless there is something going on. This is good for me. I will keep it.
  • I need to thin out my blog reader or find a better way to monitor it (suggestions would be great). There are some really smart people out there and I love to keep up with what they have to say. They are inspiring and motivating. But, keeping up takes so much time.  I am thinking there just must be a better way…I know you know what it is – so skip the rest of this post, head on down to the comments, tell me the secret you have been keeping to yourself, and then come back!

Much of the little changes were things that were not life altering or earth shaking. But they don’t need to be – that’s while we call them “little changes.” Unless you are seriously defunct in some way – and I don’t think that you are – much of what you do in life is appropriate, helpful, productive, and good. But watch you don’t become stagnant, complacent, and mediocre. It is a pitfall I have to watch out for all the time.

We know this is true in most areas of our lives.  We perform maintenance on the car before it breaks down. We pay the bill before it is late. We buy the safe-box before the hurricane hits. We make changes, prepare for the future, and look for the “better way.” This should be a integral part of the way we run our business.

The best doesn’t hold that spot because they are the best – they hold it because they continually look for ways to be better than themselves. They know that all things evolve, relevancy changes, and purpose fulfilled must give way to new challenges accepted.

I will be content, but I will not be comfortable. I will be full, but I will stay hungry. I will feel accomplishment, but I will look for the challenge.

Do it different – then do it again!

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