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Business Training from a 10 Year Old

There has been more than once this summer when my children have accompanied me to the office.  They don’t mind so much as we have an upstairs conference room complete with a white board, dry erase markers, TV, and VCR. It’s practically a playground.

I went upstairs to have them clean up – it was time to go home. What I saw when I got up there gave me a chuckle. Sometimes I miss the most obvious things.

It took this post by Phil over at Make it Great to turn the light on. My ten year old had mastered the basics, and I missed it.

My 10 year old, with the help of her 6 year old sister, had drawn a beautiful series of castles. Colorful and bright, they even had the royalty that lived there. Evidently, these castles were my new listings – and Madison was going to teach me how to sell them.

Three Tips to Real Estate

  1. Use good manners
  2. Niceness
  3. Have fun at it

I guess that about sums it up – and not just in the real estate market.  I mean, obviously there are other things…but without these three, I find it hard to believe the others will hold much water.

Bloggy Contest Results

Big congrats to Lani Anglin.  Hubby picked her name out of the hat Tupperware bowl first thing this morning.  I can’t wait to send her Rosa’s book.

And, since you are dying to know…here are the answers to the bloggy challenge:

  • Kekuewa (Kay cu eva) – “Sassy”
  • Kauailani (kwhy ee lonnie) – “Flower from heaven”
  • Kahaunani (ka how non e) – “Morning dew in heaven”
  • Pakalana (pak uh lonna) – Pakalana is a beautiful, sweet smelling flower

Also had a lot of folks wonder what the story was behind all those Hawaiian names.  Well, my dad is Hawaiian.  My great grandma named me, and my folks carried on the tradition.  When I had children of my own, it was my desire to do so as well.

  • My oldest was given mine
  • The next two are named after two of my aunties
  • Our baby got the middle name “Pakalana” after Mark asked if she could have his initials.  Pakalana is the name of two of the greatest women I know.

And there’s the story.  Can’t wait to figure out when the next bloggy contest will be

An Office in the Playroom – a Good Idea (in Theory)

I love going into the office. There is something about going into work, being surrounded by activity, and being in the midst of it all seems to be energizing and useful.

I can’t go into the office all the time. As a mom, sometimes I need to be home. And I don’t mind that either. In the summertime, you can bet that most of my work is done from the house. School is out and the kids need me here – and they are my first priority.

I loved the article over at LifeHacker that talked about the concept of working from home. Not so much because of its message, but because it made me shake my head and wonder if I was the only one whose home office consisted of a laptop, printer, DSL and Dora the Explorer. But the emphasis on finding a happy medium is an important one.

It seems that (reading through the comments) most folks work from home when they “need to get things done.” That is not the world I live in. We bought our house two children ago. With 4 bedrooms, I really thought we were buying too much house. Two more children later, I have lost my office (4th bedroom), and my dining room (playroom).

The idea to move the office into the playroom was good, in theory. When I worked from home, I could do what I needed to do while still being able to watch the children. However, I don’t get the residual “work at home benefits” of reduced distractions. Most projects take longer to finish and have to be triple checked for errors.

But then I consider Wendy’s question,”What’s your happy medium?”

An office in the world and an office in the playroom. My office is my grown up place and I do get more work done there. My playroom office is my mommy place. I realize how fortunate I am for the children that are mine and the career that allows me do have the Wiggles playing in the background.

We all have balancing acts that we tweak on a regular basis to get all that we can out of life. Mine consist of family, profession, and community. I am curious as to what scales others use, and how they know when they are tilted.

The Book is Here and the Contest is Still Open

If you haven’t left a comment, made a guess, or considered yourself meme tagged, you still have time!  The mail lady just left me a box…this beautiful, hardcover, autographed copy of Managing with Aloha , by Rosa Say, is waiting for you to win!

The Benefit of Phenom Friends – The Challenge Trackback

I have some great friends.  I consider them to be my safety rope in the Chaos.  They keep me from going it alone.  I have been fortunate to make some really good ones – both here on the blogiverse, and in my local area.

Good friends challenge you.  They encourage you to be a better person. More than that, they expend of themselves to see that you succeed.

Lani and I email each other on a regular basis. There are no topics off limit. As such, they remain fairly private – we are both very responsible about what we will and won’t put on the net for anonymous viewing. However, we thought it would be neat to motivate each other to make positive difference – and those types of movements are incredibly blog worthy.

Last week, over on Making Life Work for You, I talked about personal responsibility.  It was the first attempt at an idea Lani and I have been brainstorming over. When she mentioned it, I immediately thought of the conversation Liz and Dawud are having. It’s cool – you should check it out.

So, this is home base. Whenever Lani or I become inspired to post about something we learned (or relearned), we’ll post it and link back here. We invite you to join us.

Blogging Richmond Hill Welcomes Woodlands Bank

Yesterday was all ribbons and scissors at Woodlands Bank. Kittie Franklin, Mayor Davis, and a host of Richmond Hill folks were on hand to welcome the bank to town. However, Woodlands has been in their Ford Avenue location since last year.

Woodlands Bank

In 2006, Woodlands Bank bank opened as a loan processing center. Now, they serve Richmond Hill as a full service institution.

More information is located at the Woodlands Bank website.

Better yet – stop in and say hello at 10020 Ford Ave. They are located between the Richmond Hill Montessori School and Laura Evans’ Edward Jones office.

*Special Thanks to Kittie Franklin, Executive Director of the Richmond Hill/Bryan County Chamber of Commerce, for keeping Blogging Richmond Hill up to date about local Activities.

Getting Ready to Break Ground at Camellia Street

Need evidence that Richmond Hill is on the move? Take a drive around and you’ll see all the commercial construction underway. Around the end of August, you’ll see a new commercial development starting to take place. Photos below are renderings of the project vision

Tidewater Real Estate, LLC is announcing their plans to break ground on the new Camellia Street commercial development. This complex boasts 3 buildings – 25K, 31K, 10K square feet, respectively.

Located on Hwy 144 (next to the Paint Store), this complex has space available for lease or purchase

  • Preconstruction purchase prices start at 180K per square foot
  • Preconstruction rent is $16-$18 per square foot

Camellia Street has space sizes available at 1000-3500 square feet. These spaces are ideal for retail, restaurant, and office.

More information is available by contacting Brian.

Your Recommendations

Recommendations to the Reading Chair

I have said it so many times before…I know the coolest people. And you guys read the coolest stuff. I am really tired of finding great books to read and then forgetting who, what, and where.

So, if you all would be so kind as to let me know what you think here.

If you have a review on your site, please link back here.

If you are an affiliate of an organization, make sure to include your affiliate link (Amazon, for example). Once I read the book and review it myself, I will keep your affiliate link intact. This is my way of showing you that I appreciate your participation.

The Lindsay Lohan Approach Doesn’t Work

For those of you fortunate enough to not be media hounds, let me catch you up. Miss Lohan is in the news again. DUI and cocaine possession. Haven’t heard much on the DUI, but she says the cocaine wasn’t her’s, it was a friend’s and she was just “holding it” for him. Sure it ain’t, sure it is, and sure she was.

Obviously I don’t buy it, but hey, it could be true.  Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Her approach still doesn’t work – in either scenario.

I have had the pleasure recently of making a phenom new friend (Hi Lani!). We were discussing a past event in my ancient history. She asked a great question – “What gift did you gain from that terrible experience?”

First, let me explain why she’s a great friend and that’s a great question.

  • She didn’t focus on the negative.
  • She didn’t ask me to focus on the negative.
  • The question is a gentle way to insist that I redeem something valuable from everything.

Yep – she’s cool.

The answer is “lots.” But, the single, most important one is personal responsibility.

For all you die hard voyeurs that love a good drama – go ahead a stop reading. I am not getting into the details.  You can read all about my views on internet posting here. The important part is it was bad, it was relational, it’s over and it’s ancient.

While going through it, it is hard to learn anything from it. It’s kinda like becoming a great football team – you have to go back the next day and watch the tape.

After the dust had settled, I was mad – really mad. I blamed the entire world for my mess – a mess I had gotten myself into. And there it was…I made choices that inserted myself into a situation. Regardless of how offensive the other parties involved were – I picked them to be in my circle. I chose to allow them into my life, even when I knew better.

And there’s the lesson – personal responsibility.  You can justify just about anything, redirect almost any blame, and renounce all consequences. But, at the end of the day, the only thing you have full control over is your personal actions, feelings, and plans for tomorrow.

This gift has translated into every aspect of my life – family, friends, business – all of it. It has created a mantra of sorts into how I decide which course of action to take in any given situation. “Do whatever it is you want to do – as long as you are ready to accept whatever consequences come from said action.”

  • So it wasn’t her cocaine – did she not know that even being around it was a bad idea?
  • So your client has gone to another provider – shouldn’t you have returned their phone call?
  • So your bank account is steadily rising – good on you for going the extra mile to provide that great customer service.
  • So your kids are doing better in school – setting aside time to be engaged in their life has worked out.
  • So your not as in shape as you would like to be – go ahead and skip the gym again.

All of these situations can have outside influences – people, schedules, difficulties, dislikes – guess what – oh well.  The point is to understand that regardless of the outlying conditions, the choice is still yours. The ownership is on you.

Is there a time you have taken personal responsibility? I am not asking you to air your dirty laundry, but I would love to hear of other life lessons learned and personal building experiences. They are the things that make us great people and wonderful friends.

 ***Update***Going through my reader, I found this post by Carpe Factum. Good stuff! 

Welcome to Blogging Richmond Hill

What exactly is “a blog?”

  • Blog is short for “Web Log.”
  • It can best be described as an online journal.
  • The articles, or “posts,” can be made as often as necessary so the information is always current.
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So then, what is “Blogging Richmond Hill ?”

  • This is a specialized blog designed uniquely for Richmond Hill.
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How is this helpful to me?

  • Blogging Richmond Hill strives to be your “one stop shop” for all your community information online.
  • You will be able to browse a growing number of local businesses.
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I am in! How do I participate?

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Again, welcome to Blogging Richmond Hill – The Blog for The Hill.