They get so big so fast

So, I guess this is the first post of many that I will write over the next 18 years.  55 posts if my math is right.  It is a baby’s birthday.

Ask me what my favorite holiday is and I will tell you, “Birthday!” Yours, mine, theirs, whoever’s – I love birthdays. And my kids are my most favorite.


My Savannah is turning six but we had her party Saturday. A pool party to be exact. And my Savannah, never to miss a connection, decides on a “Lilo and Stitch” cake and Luau decorations. Instead of party hats, we had leis, with my Savannah picking out her own very special one. And, of course, Webkinz were the present of the day – the pink poodle winning the grand prize. (Please notice the missing tooth – it is her first and she is so very proud.)

It is not often my heart is light and heavy at the same time. But it does always seem to happen during a birthday party.


  1. April my youngest turns 7 this Sunday and he must be the ONLY child in the universe that does not like birthday party’s. I am not a big fan of my own birthday but I do LOVE when its my kids and He is robbing me of enjoying his birthday. When I asked him WHY he does not want a kid party, he tells me because he does not want others to watch him. Have you EVER?

  2. Wow – that is different. My kids start planning their next birthday while they are planning the one they are on.

    We did have a situation when my oldest turned four. We thought we were cool parents a got a clown. All the kids loved it – except ours. Scared her to death and she would have no part of it.

  3. Sorry I missed it! She looks SO cute with the tooth missing. Growing too fast!!

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