The Secret of Positive Thinking

I mentioned some short time ago that the subject of my goals has become a quest for a path.  There have been quite a few people put in my path to help out with all of that.

Things go along as things are wont to do.  I am reading “The Secret.” More on that later.  I will tell you it is a very easy read…very repetitious – but there’s a reason for that.

“The Secret” is, so far as I am in the book, putting your mind where you want your feet to go.  I am a smart girl, so I understand the concept.  My mind is also very busy – so I have a little trouble with the focus thing.

In walks Kirsten Harrell.  Well, sorta.  She is a friend of Chris Cree and I lurk her blog trying to figure out how I feel about the idea.

People that know me well, understand that I am a bit of a paradox. I am incredibly feminine, with very little fluff.  I love pink and pearls, and have very little time to sit around and talk about what you’re gonna do – set a plan and get to moving!  I wasn’t really one for all the SNL Stuart Smalley business.

But, I am also one to admit when someone else may have a better way. So, I had to consider – what if Kirsten was on to something with these “Positive Affirmations” she promotes? What if the cat really was out of the bag with “The Secret” and keeping your mind in line in a particular way was the key.

So, on over to ipopin I went.  She has an album of 11 affirmations that seemed to fall in line closely with my values.  It was $10 for the download…I figured, I had spent way more than $10 on things far less likely to be useful.

I won’t say that they are life transforming – yet.  I will say that I am not disappointed in the least that I bought it.  I will also say that I listen to all 11 affirmations more than once a day…and it feels good.  I am not ready to give this up to fact vice coincidence…but I am also going to listen to them all again today.

I’d like your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted on mine.


  1. Hi April,
    I am so glad you decided to try ipopins! The secret to affirmations is in the repetition and ipopins make that part easy. From the perspective of Universal laws, what you think about expands and attracts more of the same. From the psychological/scientific perspective, new thoughts create new neural pathways and the repetition strengthens these pathways. Either way, over time you will find it easier to maintain positive thoughts and attitude which will help achieve/attract success.

    I look forward to hearing more from you over time as you listen to your ipopins. I am also glad to have a new blogging connection. 🙂

  2. Yeah – the music is kinda fun and funky, too…is there a science to the type of music used and the person picked to do the voice over as well?

    Thanks for the information on the neural pathways…it helps my brain to have a concrete thing to go with the abstract.

    I have been reading you on Chris’ blog and yours for a little while…I am glad to have finally connected with you too!

  3. Agent Scoreboard says:

    First… wow your blog early!! holy cow

    There is another pretty good book “the Success Principals” by the guy who co-wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul” He has two rules about acheiving goals.

    1. Goals must be set so that any outside observer can see that you obtained them, this outside pressure can provide extra motivation.

    The detail is important because it focuses your mind on achieving that goal. Your subconscious mind will work day and night to help you find solutions to the obstacles in your path. The more detail can feed your mind the better your mind can work on finding a solution. Feed your positive thoughts with the specifics of your goals and each day you will come across new ideas of how to achieve them.

    2. Visualize and Reaffirm Your Goals everyday
    If you don’t believe you can achieve your goal, your chances of acheiving it are next to nothing. Tony Robbins, said that each one of us is capable of anything, but we rob ourselves of that power by not believing that we are.

    Visualization and reaffirmation are the key to instilling that belief. Once you have set specific detailed goals you then must visualize yourself achieving them. Your mind can’t tell the difference from visualized experiences from actual experiences. If your visualizations are consistent your subconscious mind will work to bridge the gap between your visualizations and your actual experiences.

    Reaffirming your goals with emotion is another secret to focusing your mind on achieving your goals. When you craft your specific goals, take a minute to write down how you will feel when you achieve that goal.

    “I feel attractive and healthy at my goal weight of 135 pounds”
    “I feel successful and proud that I am about to provide for my family by earning $100,000 in gross commissions”

    You can make it your habit to practice your visualization and to reaffirm that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

    Good luck 🙂

  4. Yes – yes I do. You don’t even want to know that posting the blog was not even the first thing checked off on my “to do” list today 🙂

    I like the two rules for goal setting. They fall right in line with other things that I have heard. So, I blogged ’em. Figured it covered all the bases…informing others, writing them down, and, since they are on the internet, they are recorded forever!

    The affirmations are new for me…still a little weird to be honest…but I think I am getting use to it.

  5. Hey Arpil,
    Most of the music we chose was popish – fun and funky. For the relaxing affirmations we did choose more relaxing music. Mostly, we wanted them to be fun and upbeat though so people could put them in playlists with their favorite music – like a little inspiring interlude. We also wanted people to be able to listen to them while doing other things – working, driving, exercising. Slow, relaxing music isn’t idle for those activities.

    My sister and I recorded the affirmations – the voices are ours. Except for our new kids CD (soon to be released) which has kids voices. We will also be releasing some with a man’s voice and down the road we will have other languages available.


  6. Space repetition is the first law of learning..when we think postive we will attract postive attitude..I like this..Good article

  7. Kirsten – I was wondering about the guy voice thing…and a kids’ one – that is interesting. Will there be things on there like “I will clean my room” and “I step into the flow of obedience” I would really appreciate it – especially if it motivates the kids the way it has motivated me so far.

    Franx – thanks so much – I am glad you stopped by.

  8. I think the best book I’ve read on affirmations and Law of Attraction is “Law of Attraction” by Michael Losier.

    Specially for the underlining of the importance of your emotional reaction to the the affirmation.

  9. I have heard of him…it’s on my list.

    I am interested in the importance of the emotions…I am not sure if I am taking what is being said the right way…I have a problem with the “do what feels good” theory. But, I am thinking that may not be the point they are trying to get across – or is it?

  10. The engine that powers the law of attraction, isn’t so much thoughts, but feelings. If you have an inner negative reaction against a postive affirmation, it’s going to work against you.


    If you affirm “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people just like me” the words are positive. But if when you say that affirmation, if you have a reaction of “how bogus is that” when you say it, then despite the positive words, the vibration you are sending out is in fact negative.

    example 2

    “I am wealthy and money just comes to me”. Is positive, but if you feel “yeah right, I’m in debt to my eyeballs” when you say it, you’re actually broadcasting “DEBT!”. Yay more debt! The law of attraction works… :-/

    Examples given are simply for illustration.

  11. So, I get that part…is that all they mean? Any “just do what feels good” vibes I get are just my own biases that I need to weed out?

  12. The trick with affirmations is to get them into a form that you get a positive feeling/emotional reaction from.

    So “I am a top producing agent” might make you feel “Um… no I’m not, that isn’t actually true”


    “I am in the process of becoming a top producing agent” may make you feel “yes that is true, I am learning how to become more successful”

    I’m not sure exactly where you are coming from about the “just do what feels good” vibes. There does seem to be an over emphasis with the law of attraction on sitting on your butt. Who needs an affirmation to clean their room? Just clean your fluffy bunnies room, you’ll feel better for it.

    Energy is everywhere and all the time. The Law of Attraction strongly emphasises the mental and emotional energy. Feng Shui for example emphasises physical and enviromental energy. Money clearly has it’s own energy too. (I’m not into the fine details of Feng Shui over much)

    Generally I suggest just paying attention to how an activity makes you feel either more energized or drained. That’s a slight variation on “if it feels good do it”. Some quite nasty tasks can actually energize you (like cleaning the cats litterbox, it’s yucky, but I feel happier afterwards) and some quite pleasant tasks can drain you (sitting on my butt eating bon bons all afternoon)

    Help any?

  13. Yeah, it does. I am big on personal responsibility, so I came to terms a long time ago that not all things that feel good are good and not all things that feel bad are bad.

    The idea of carrying that through to the end makes much more sense…the litter box for instance. I can relate it to cleaning the house…I hate to do it – but I do know I feel better when I am through!

  14. Hi April,
    Cute… “I will clean my room.” We didn’t record that one. 🙂 The first kids album is called “I like school.” It is targeted to elementary school kids and we will be launching it for back to school time. We have several other kids affirmations recorded and will put out other CDs for kids in the near future.

  15. Kirsten – I look forward to checking that out. And I owe you a thanks! I found Rosa Say through your site. It has been a great meeting. I am sure your were not aware, but I wanted to give credit where credit was due.

  16. Hi April,
    Rosa is great! I am glad I helped connect you two. Nice chain reaction going… you found me from Chris and Rosa from me. Cool! 🙂

  17. Donna Cutting says:

    Hi April,

    Found you through Scott Ginsberg’s blog. I want to ask…have you read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield? For me, it’s the perfect companion book to “The Secret.” One is about the Law of Attraction and the other is about the Law of Action. In my opinion, they go hand in hand.

    Great blog. I’ll be back. 🙂

    Donna Cutting

  18. I love his stuff! I am glad you found me here.

    I have not read it yet…but, it sounds like a good one and I am putting it on my list.

  19. Donna Cutting says:

    You’ll love it April! It’s a quick read…and one I read over and over again. Scott is also a fan.


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