Never Eat Alone

I don’t – ever.  There is either a real person across the table or it’s me and my laptop – either way lunch is productive.  That sometimes presents some difficulties, but, hey, it’s great most of the time.

Like yesterday, for instance.  I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Dale Price.  It was our first “real” meeting.

Dale is a Loan Officer from HomeFirst Mortgage.  Last week I received an email from her that clearly defined her dedication to the client services aspect of the real estate industry.  Sounded a lot like my philosophy, so I asked her if she was interested in producing some material to consider for the blog.  She was, and she invited me to lunch.

It was lots of fun having a great meal and getting to know somebody new.  You’d be surprised how often people you don’t know, but would like to, will not turn down an invitation to eat.  Great connections, possible friendships, and likely self improvement is often the main course.


  1. stacey m. says:

    This reminds me, we still need to get together for lunch one day. (sans the laptops.) I was in Savannah last night with relatives. …so much going on and so many changes. Savannah is such a wonderful city! Every time I’m on River St. it reassures me of what a great area we live in.

  2. Lunch sounds great! It may be a minute, unless you can do short notice on Tuesday…it is hectic around here with the kids out of school…

  3. theonestock says:

    Keep up the great work, very useful.

  4. onestock – Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by.
    Was there more to your comment? There was a bunch of jibberish at the end. Looked like something in the blogosphere ate it up. Sorry if that happened.

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