Do you have any NEW information fo me?

My 5 year old, is brilliant.  Really – these are not just the words of a proud mommy.  Her brain works faster than most, with more clarity, and catches more information.  While it excites me to no end to think of the awesome woman she will become – dealing with an strong willed, logical, 5 year old master negotiator can be some what trying.

Typical conversation goes like this
Her – Mommy, can I have (whatever)
Me – Not now
Her – Why?
Me – Because (whatever reason)
Her – But (“objection” to the reason)
Me – No sweetheart
Her -But what if (“solution” to the reason)
Me – No
Her – But (repeat objection/solution)
Me – No
Her – But (reword and repeat objection/solution)

Does this sound familiar to anybody else out there? I laugh because I hear adults speak to each other this way sometimes.  I have even had end this back and forth with a salesman the same way I end it with my daughter.

Me – Do you have any new information to add to this conversation?
Her – No ma’am (she pouts, turns around, and finds something else to do)


  1. GL HOFFMAN says:

    Yeah I hear this all the time. Mostly from my employees. I thought they did what they were told.
    April…like your blog…a lot…good going!

  2. Ha! That’s why I work for myself (cringes at the thought of employees).

    That’s also what I thought about kids…and they do – mostly 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by with some encouragement.

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