The random, sometimes absent “;”

I don’t know what I would do without my laptop.  It is my lifeline to running my home, business, and education. I use it for everything. My husband is surprised that I cannot control it with my mind yet.

Well, I can’t. In fact, I am using the keyboard right now and it is harder than it used to be.

The multitasker that I am refuses to have an unproductive lunch.  I am eating with a client, affiliate, new contact, friend, or somebody.  If my lunch hour is free, I am eating at my desk.

Hence, the salmon in the keyboard.

This ever so slight sliver of fish fell from the fork into the slit between the “p” and the “;” No problem – I was a tech in the Navy.  This is easy stuff.  However, I had underestimated the difference between the rugged construction of aircraft and my laptop.

Pop off the “;” pop off the “p” remove the fish, reassemble.  No problem. Until the little plastic bracket thingy (yes, that’s the technical term) on the “;” snaps in two. Dangit.

After a bit of manipulation, the “;” is now back in it’s place – sort of. Sometimes it jiggles loose and is cattywhompus on my keyboard and I have to readjust it. My spell checker and backspace key are working overtime as little “;” show up randomly when I am typing. Until I actually need it, that is. Then the darn little thing has to be coaxed into working.

There are many laptops, but this one is mine.


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