The new meme – it’s the “Opi”

If I told you how the universe came together to inspire this topic, you wouldn’t believe me.  However, it is a popular thought that the things you think the most about typically come to pass.

Lately, a lot of discussion has gone on about values, goals, and the future you.  I spoke with Katana this morning about goals.  I listened to Chris’ radio show about making sure your goals lined up with your values.  Liz wrote a great post about the future you and inspired another great post by Vernon that combined the idea of “what you learnt” with “future me.”

My “aha” moment…memes are everywhere – the posts that tell what you don’t know about me.  It has been my meme experience that these things are typically past events.  I like this “future me” idea better.

I introduce to you, the “Opi.” Comes from the Greek word “opiso.”  Now, I am no Greek scholar so I maybe way off…but I searched for “future you” in a greek dictionary, this word popped up and I liked it, so I used it.  It refers to the hereafter. The Opi is to be written of the future you in the present tense.

My Opi.  After many wildly successful years in Real Estate, I have left my brokerage to my partner to manage on her own.  It was the only way to accommodate the bookings for the next book tour and speaking schedule.  Not to mention the trip my husband and I have planned with the children to Europe.

The Bryan County School board has accepted my decision not to continue on.  Those were wonderful years and I will miss playing such an active role, but there are other parents with bright and shining ideas for their children who also deserve the opportunity to provide a positive impact on the education of their children.  I wish them the best.

I am so very grateful for my friends.  They have accompanied me on this journey from the beginning.  They gave me support, resources, and encouragement.  They were loyal through raising healthy children, my pursuit of an advanced degree, and building a thriving business.  I only hope that now I can do for others what they have done for me.

So now, my husband and I are off.  We are out looking for opportunities to help and to improve.  If you need us, call us.  We promise to do what we can.  At the very least, we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

And there it is – the first “opi”

I tag
Liz Strauss
Vernon Lun
Jay Thompson
Chris Cree
Stacey Macioszek
Christoph Schweiger


  1. Sorry if you stopped by before the links were fixed. Thanks, Jay, for pointing them out…he even emailed my slip up to me instead of posting it in a comment – what a nice guy!!

  2. That’s truly a powerful ‘opi’. There’s an undeniable warmth and generosity that flows from your post. Very beautiful…

  3. Dolores Schwartz says:

    I have chewed on this for a good bit! You will have my response soon! Thank you for being my muse!!

  4. Vernon – what a wonderfully encouraging thing for you to say…thank you

  5. Awww… Now you’ve got me thinking. Hmmm… the future you in the present tense…

    I’ll be getting back to you on this one. Good one, April. 🙂

  6. Chris – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Ah April,
    So now you’ve gone and gotten me involved in something special. How lovely you wrote about the future you. I just can’t turn you down . . . 🙂

  8. April, sorry I am late to this post! I am already thinking about this…

  9. No problems, Christoph. I am semi-patiently waiting 🙂

  10. Dolores Schwartz says:

    I did my Opi

  11. Thanks for the honor. Sounds like fun. I’m in.

  12. Very nice page. Thanks.

  13. gogus estetigi says:

    April if thats your pic, you are so nice 🙂

  14. No problems, Christoph. Thanks for this state. 🙂

  15. red heart yarn says:

    that was great…really admire this blog


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