Goals, values, and where do I go from here (even if it scares me to death!)

Not to inflate his ego, but Chris Cree is a smart guy (he married Lisa after all). A few days ago I listened to him on Wayne Hurlbert’s blogging radio show and he said some right smart things. Took me a few days to digest it. But, like all good food, it fed me well.

The beginning of this particular journey, oddly enough, started with Lisa asking me about my goals. Blech! That is difficult for me because of my intense hatred of failure and mediocrity. Where does one start?

I ran into a site via eWomen Network and I joined immediately. Smart Women’s Coaching is headed up by Katana Abbott and Jill Jordan. Again more talk about goals and getting what you want out of life

Well, as chance would have it, Lisa’s husband raised a follow up point – your goals have to coincide with your values. So, I asked myself, “April, what are your values?”  That turned out to be a way easier mountain to climb.

I can list a million things I value. After simmering on them for awhile, I can say that most, if not all fit in one of these:

I value family, education, and productive citizenship.

That was easier than “What are your goals?” But, an interesting thing happened. It has now become easier to define my goals.

  • I will be more involved in the school system this year
  • I will complete my GRI and ABR in the next 18 months
  • I will complete my degree within the next 3 years
  • I will continue to be aware and active of government happenings
  • I will start my book this year and have a plan for completion and development within the next 5 years

I think this is good start. And I was mindful to have all the componets that I think make up “a good goal.”

  • There is a concrete action
  • There is a timeline
  • They are written down and shared to provide accountability to myself and others
  • They are inline with my values

I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

Quick update…while looking for a new and exciting link to Lisa Cree, I found another goal…to learn from Christine Kane’s “18 Stupid Mistakes.”


  1. Ego’s not inflated. I’m just very relieved I didn’t babble complete nonsense during that hour with Wayne. 🙂

    Amazing how much easier goal-setting is when we think about our goals in terms of our values, isn’t it?

    And if you’ve got an idea on how to get Lisa blogging, have at it. I’d love to see it happen, but I’m not going to push her myself.

  2. Lisa would make a GREAT blogger – I am actually surprised she doesn’t have one already. She is an awfully busy lady.

    And yes – it was tons easier and I am glad to have finally been able to put some halfway coherent thoughts down.

  3. What’s the book going to be about?

  4. I am thinking it is going to move around this “journey” blog theme I have going on. I think I am pretty qualified to speak to the demands of parenting, career, personal development balancing act that many people undergo and feel guilty doing.

    Hey! Thanks for the pointed question! That’s the best I have ever been able to frame it up. You get a thanks in the book.

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