Bryan County schools will not have school uniforms for ’07-’08 school year

In a 4-2 vote, the Bryan County school board decided not to implement uniforms for the ’07-’08 school year.  My eldest daughter danced in victory. I sighed. I was in favor of the policy, but I appreciate Joe Pecenka’s concerns over the hurriedness of it all.

It is interesting how much debate this issues has created and the fierce passions it has raised  in the community. The Bryan County News has been filled with articles, editorials, and public opinion concerning this issue.

While it may seem that this school system is terribly divided over this and other recent issues, I believe we are still keeping first things first.

Compared to the state average, Bryan county students:

  • perform better on State Math Tests
  • perform better on State Reading Tests
  • Score 2.4 points higher on the ACT
  • Score 19 points higher on the SAT Reasoning Test
  • Score 2 points higher on the PSAT/NMSQT
  • have a 19.9% higher rate of AP scores 3 or better
  • have a 7.7% higher graduation rate
  • have a 1% lower drop out rate

We may not agree on everything, but the education of our children is still top of the agenda.


  1. I was in school uniforms from age 7 onwards. Really whats the fuss?


  2. Claire Hillshiere says:

    This is great. The kids will be still allowed to express thier creativity in a safe, acceptable way!!!

  3. Sherri Kiddins says:

    Hell yeah this rocks out loud!!!

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