The Star of the Day – YOU!

I have finally slept. Those of you who have been following along over on My Beautiful Chaos know all about the havoc I intentionally created on my entire web presence. It has been a great experience, although it is not completely finished and I must go to the grocery store because we are almost out of coffee.

The process is very nerve racking as the learning curve was sharp. The whole thing made me antsy. It is a big change to undertake and I was hoping that it wouldn’t send me all the way back to square one. As necessary as it was, nobody wants to start over.

I should not have been so nervous. I underestimated the level of support I would have. I really appreciate it.

Chris Cree has been there since square one. In fact, it was more like negative square one as he is the one who looked at the old setup, saw wasted potential and explained how it could be better. Since then, he has been completely available and willing to coach me when I needed it. I would like to think that makes me special, but Chris is totally dedicated to helping bloggers everywhere and we are fortunate to have him.

Then there is my favorite sock puppet, AtholK. Don’t know Athol? You should. His “Bad MLS photo of the Day” posts are priceless.  This one is my favorite so far. He’s been a great supporter before the switch and after. For instance, just yesterday I left a comment on a new blog I found and really liked. The blogger replied and asked me if I had any blogs – Athol answered the question for me.

Speaking of the new to me blog…Jay Thompson hardly knows me, but he was ready with lots of encouragement and kind words.

Christoph Schweiger took time out of his busy day to drop me an encouraging email. So did Stacey.

Then there is Robyn, the queen of MyBlogLog. I was having technical difficulties – go figure. She fixed ’em. Surprise, surprise.

The thing I worried about the most was my inability to proofread my own work. It is the hardest part for me as my brain looks over the mistakes, I guess because it knows what it’s supposed to say. The ladies over at eWomen Network have graciously agreed to go through my pages, check links and look for typos.

You guys rock harder than Kinsey’s shoes! Big thanks and I owe you one.


  1. Hi April, thanks for your thanks, though I know how hard a switch can be so save some thanks for yourself! 🙂

    Keep it up.


  2. Somehow I knew I would find you here this morning. Thanks:)
    Now go find me a MLS picture…I need a good laugh!

  3. Ya gotta love this community. It’s jammed full of friendly, helpful and incredibly talented people.

    You have a good thing going here, keep it up! If you’ve ever got a question, about blogging, WordPress, whatever, just ask away!

  4. Thanks, Jay. Gotta say, you would think blogging was born in the South with all this hospitality!

  5. Wow! What wonderful things you say, April! Thanks so much!

    And I had the chance to meet Robyn from MyBlogLog at SOBCon last month in Chicago. She’s the real deal (and a Georgia native too!) Good people all the way.

  6. See, there goes that Southern thing again.

    You are welcome, but it wasn’t hard to be nice…you guys have been great.

  7. Yup, I agree is the best community for blogger like us. Same like me I can meet other people from around the world and more blog that very interesting like yours and I never found it before..have a nice day

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