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No Real Estate Today

Ok, so it’s not like I talk real estate all the time anyway – but today, there is really none of it.  Right this second I am short on time but long in appreciation.  I am going to share with you some of my current, favorite, non-industry blogs. I am not mentioning Chris, Liz, or Kirsten – they already know I love them!

  1. Essential Keystokes – Char is the cool techno-mom I strive to be
  2. Success from the Nest – funny, smart, great cartoons!
  3. Managing with Aloha – Rosa Say incorporates Hawaiian values into the business world
  4. Hello, my Name is Blog – Scott the name tag guy is relavent and fun to ready.
  5. Dawud Miracle – webdesigner for the business owner (and he seems to be a smart guy, too)
  6. Mitten Musings – talk about transparency!  I love reading this girl.
  7. A Deaf Mom Shares her World – Karen is a great read, an incredible story.
  8. Carpe Factum – one of the smartest business blogs out there. Total outside thinker and it works!

My scattered brain

I have to tell ya – my brain is all over the place.  If I could harness all my thoughts and follow them through – what a wondrous accomplishment that would be. But, alas, it is but a jumbled mess and I am trying to decide how best to untangle the web.

I am a producer of clutter.  According to the Law of Attraction, this is a result of the clutter in my brain. So, I do the mental exercises, the positive affirmations, the clear the head before bed…guess what…it’s even more cluttered now!  Now that I concentrate on my goals that I have learned to set, and focus on the good things in life – expansion to the possibilities has opened up.  More stuff in my brain!

The blog should help – get things down, in a category, out of my head.  But it is awfully public.  I love you guys, but I can’t tell you everything.  Maybe it’s time for a journal.  Or maybe I should use the Mind Jet program more – but I am not real sure I am using it to the best of its abilities. Has anybody else used it with any success?

Dwayne Melancon has a great post concerning one of my biggest problems – managing email.  Actually, managing isn’t the problem – it’s not like I get that much. The problem arises from when the little announcer sound goes off to tell me I have new mail and I will stop whatever I am doing to check it. I know – compulsive.  I know – I should not leave it running.  Guess what – it’s still running.

So, then I check the email, check my google reader, and then it’s three hours later.  How does that happen?  j david macor give some great tips for getting this part of my life organized with one flaw – there are too many options.  Just tell me which ones to use!

I think maybe I should resort to a doctor’s office type schedule – you know, the one that is color blocked with certain activities at certain times of the day. Ha!  The title of the blog is Beautiful Chaos.  I am not so sure a highlighter could tame it.

So, there’s my dilemma, and your mission, should you choose to accept it.  Any ideas or things that have worked (or not) for you?

They get so big so fast

So, I guess this is the first post of many that I will write over the next 18 years.  55 posts if my math is right.  It is a baby’s birthday.

Ask me what my favorite holiday is and I will tell you, “Birthday!” Yours, mine, theirs, whoever’s – I love birthdays. And my kids are my most favorite.


My Savannah is turning six but we had her party Saturday. A pool party to be exact. And my Savannah, never to miss a connection, decides on a “Lilo and Stitch” cake and Luau decorations. Instead of party hats, we had leis, with my Savannah picking out her own very special one. And, of course, Webkinz were the present of the day – the pink poodle winning the grand prize. (Please notice the missing tooth – it is her first and she is so very proud.)

It is not often my heart is light and heavy at the same time. But it does always seem to happen during a birthday party.

Wayne Gretzky’s Puck

I always include a quote in my weekly newsletter.  In fact, the rest of the newsletter revolves around it in some way.  The quote I used this week has been eating at my brain (and starving) all day.

A good hockey player plays where the puck is.  A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

Love that…and I think I know what to do with it…the question now becomes, “How?” – or better, “How do you know?”

Then you add a a Kris Berg post about knowledge that makes you think deep and a Doug Trudeau post that makes your head pop off – I took an Advil.

The real estate market is changing, that is true. But it has always experienced change. The point is to follow, learn, understand, and pass that information knowledge on to the client.

Or so I thought. Then I read a post about client service NOT being the main thing – marketing is… “it doesn’t matter if you are the best if people don’t know you are” thing.

So, let’s talk for a while. In real estate, in business – heck, in life – how do you know where the puck is going to be? Where is the pulse?

Right now, I still believe the puck is with the service to the client.  This encompasses all the Web 2.0, internet marketing, economic understanding, face to face contacts, and good, old fashioned elbow grease to accomplish the best for the individual who has signed their name to do business with you.

Great Pictures from a Great Photographer

I will spout my own wares for just one second…bare with me.

Back in April, I found this lovely little site called Letterpop.  They are great for offering templates to manage your own newsletter mailingsTurn Around Tuesday was born and it is some of the most fun I have had.  I am lucky it has been so well recieved – I would have written it even if nobody was reading it – wouldn’t that be silly.

Imagine my excitement when I got an email this morning from Coastal Georgia Photographer, Glenda Carter announcing her own newsletter!  Not only does she beautify our inboxes with a gorgeous picture, but she also gives great hints for taking our own – AtholK should love that!

So, pop on over to see her.  Leave her a comment.  Better yet, leave your email so she can add you to her list. You will be glad you did!

I’d Live There…My Blog Feature

As I get more and more jealous over AtholK’s pictures, Larry Cragun’s $300,000 or less homes…I stayed up all night trying to find “my feature.” Couldn’t bear to do yet another blog canvas of posts I had read for the week.  Needed something else…so here it is…the first installment of “I’d Live There.”

Christine posted this amazing Lloyd Neck property a few weeks ago. Listed by Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty – who wouldn’t live in this sprawling, 22,000 sqaure foot home situated on almost 50 acres? Heck – that’s plenty room for all our kids.  Now if I could only find that $60M I left in my jeans pocket…I had better hurry – Jay’s already hooked on the crow’s nest feature of the house!

Never Eat Alone

I don’t – ever.  There is either a real person across the table or it’s me and my laptop – either way lunch is productive.  That sometimes presents some difficulties, but, hey, it’s great most of the time.

Like yesterday, for instance.  I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Dale Price.  It was our first “real” meeting.

Dale is a Loan Officer from HomeFirst Mortgage.  Last week I received an email from her that clearly defined her dedication to the client services aspect of the real estate industry.  Sounded a lot like my philosophy, so I asked her if she was interested in producing some material to consider for the blog.  She was, and she invited me to lunch.

It was lots of fun having a great meal and getting to know somebody new.  You’d be surprised how often people you don’t know, but would like to, will not turn down an invitation to eat.  Great connections, possible friendships, and likely self improvement is often the main course.

The Secret of Positive Thinking

I mentioned some short time ago that the subject of my goals has become a quest for a path.  There have been quite a few people put in my path to help out with all of that.

Things go along as things are wont to do.  I am reading “The Secret.” More on that later.  I will tell you it is a very easy read…very repetitious – but there’s a reason for that.

“The Secret” is, so far as I am in the book, putting your mind where you want your feet to go.  I am a smart girl, so I understand the concept.  My mind is also very busy – so I have a little trouble with the focus thing.

In walks Kirsten Harrell.  Well, sorta.  She is a friend of Chris Cree and I lurk her blog trying to figure out how I feel about the idea.

People that know me well, understand that I am a bit of a paradox. I am incredibly feminine, with very little fluff.  I love pink and pearls, and have very little time to sit around and talk about what you’re gonna do – set a plan and get to moving!  I wasn’t really one for all the SNL Stuart Smalley business.

But, I am also one to admit when someone else may have a better way. So, I had to consider – what if Kirsten was on to something with these “Positive Affirmations” she promotes? What if the cat really was out of the bag with “The Secret” and keeping your mind in line in a particular way was the key.

So, on over to ipopin I went.  She has an album of 11 affirmations that seemed to fall in line closely with my values.  It was $10 for the download…I figured, I had spent way more than $10 on things far less likely to be useful.

I won’t say that they are life transforming – yet.  I will say that I am not disappointed in the least that I bought it.  I will also say that I listen to all 11 affirmations more than once a day…and it feels good.  I am not ready to give this up to fact vice coincidence…but I am also going to listen to them all again today.

I’d like your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted on mine.

Do you have any NEW information fo me?

My 5 year old, is brilliant.  Really – these are not just the words of a proud mommy.  Her brain works faster than most, with more clarity, and catches more information.  While it excites me to no end to think of the awesome woman she will become – dealing with an strong willed, logical, 5 year old master negotiator can be some what trying.

Typical conversation goes like this
Her – Mommy, can I have (whatever)
Me – Not now
Her – Why?
Me – Because (whatever reason)
Her – But (“objection” to the reason)
Me – No sweetheart
Her -But what if (“solution” to the reason)
Me – No
Her – But (repeat objection/solution)
Me – No
Her – But (reword and repeat objection/solution)

Does this sound familiar to anybody else out there? I laugh because I hear adults speak to each other this way sometimes.  I have even had end this back and forth with a salesman the same way I end it with my daughter.

Me – Do you have any new information to add to this conversation?
Her – No ma’am (she pouts, turns around, and finds something else to do)

Little Changes = Big Results

Do you know how often I hear, “What time did you _______?” 
Insert into the blank

  • send that email
  • write a blog post
  • comment on a website
  • anything that has a timestamp. 

Bunches.  Most people don’t notice the 3:30AM ish time – but when they do, they have questions.

Yes, I am typically up by 3 or 4 in the morning.  But I am typically asleep by 11PM.  I learned quite some time ago that I am super productive during the early morning hours.  I don’t require a whole lot of sleep.  If I sleep too much, my brain and body gets lazy. 

The thing that interested me the most is that I wouldn’t get the same questions if I stayed up until 1 or 2 and was up at 6 or 7.

This difference in perception made me wonder – how many people lose out on big gains because they are stuck doing it the way they have always done it, or the way it “ought” to be done?

We often think we are not as productive, happy, energetic, accomplished as we could be because of outside influences – market, weather, circumstance.  But, what if it’s not any of those things.  What if it’s you?

  • Sounds crazy to get up at 3 – you might be missing your peak time. 
  • Can’t imagine sleeping later and staying up till after midnight – that could be where your stride is.
  • Do you need to start a little earlier and stay a little later so you have extra time a lunch to relax – or even sleep?
  • Maybe when you take a shower, eat breakfast, or any part of routine is out of whack.
  • Do you read enough?
  • Do you listen enough?
  • Do you sleep enough?
  • Do you eat enough?

Take a look at the way you run your day.  Is it all that it could be?  Have you tried making it more effective in the past but could never seem to quite make it work?  Think outside of the guided path – what little changes could make a big difference in your productivity?