Organization Tips for the Summer Break

This is so cool…I have my very first guest writer!!  How much fun is that?  Well, with out further ado, I present to you, my dear friend and organizational specialist, Susan Tobelman from Top to Bottom Organizing.

Now that school is out and all the little darlings are home for months, be proactive in making sure you avoid the chaos and stress that can land in your lap during the hot weeks of summer.

  • Create a written plan for every day of the week.  Write it down and stick to it.  By that I mean don’t add activities unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Group activities so that you are taking and dropping off multiple children at the same time.  This will alleviate you spending your day in the car, and it saves on gas.
  • Let them make their own lunches.
  • Make your children, if they are old enough, gather the things they need for day camps and place them next to the door the night before. 
  • Create a check list and post it on the door for review each day. 
  • After camp each day, have them check their bags for any notices that may have been sent home.  Don’t just ask them if they have anything for you, they forget!! This leads to crazy mornings trying to get out the door. 
  • If your child forgets something he/she should have prepared the night before, allow them to own that problem.  Say things like, “I’m so sorry you forgot ____ , I hope you remember next time.  This teaches them to be responsible for their own stuff.  I know some of you just couldn’t bear the idea of your child not getting to swim because they forgot their bathing suit. And most of you would bend over backwards to take the suit to them.  But don’t.  The lesson your child learns, will drastically decrease the chances that they will forget again.
  • Schedule time for yourself by scheduling down time for the children.  They don’t have to be entertained every waking hour of the day.  Establish time when they can read quietly, watch a movie, or just have quiet time in their room, while you have some ME TIME for you.  During these scheduled times, make the rules very clear that you are not to be disturbed unless there is fire, blood, or death involved.  This is probably not a good time for siblings to play together unless they get along very well.  You don’t want to be playing referee during ME TIME.

Plan, Schedule, Delegate…….this will lead to a terrific summer with less stress and chaos in your home.

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