I know I say it all the time…

…But it really is true.  I know the neatest people. And the cool part is, I meet more and more everyday. Allow me to introduce you to my newest friend.

So, we know that I rave about the WBA, even though the website tried very hard to kick my butt (I was victorious). Anne-Marie is an unintended consequence of the labors. Because I maintain the WBA website, all the contact forms that are filled out come to me. The other day I received a message from Anne-Marie. She is from Florida, has a honey in Richmond Hill and will be relocating. Would the WBA be right for her? Ha! I think the WBA is right for everybody – but, that’s too forward.  Instead I invite her out to lunch.

We go to 606 – of course – it was Thursday.  606 cafe is the swanky downtown Savannah cafe that Sandy awesomely moved to Richmond Hill.  But, she’s only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Anyway, Heather is our fabulous waitress and she takes good care of us will Anne Marie and I get to know each other.

She is a documentary film maker. Ha! WBA doesn’t have one of those and I am sure we need one.  She explains to me what she does over her veggie wrap (she’s a vegetarian so I couldn’t get her to try Dave’s Salad – yum). I am fascinated – I had never met a real live documentary film maker. She is intriguing and the explanations actually divert my attentions away from my food. This is no small task.

I would love to tell you about her newest project, but I won’t spoil it for her. She doesn’t have a blog and I told her that was an utter shame. It would be madly interesting to watch the creation of a documentary.

So, Anne Marie, I know you are reading this.  You have two choices.

1 – Leave a comment so the readers will know about your project – I don’t want to mess up the explanation (good idea).

2 – Start a blog, send me the link, and let the world know what your doing (better idea).

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