Websites, committees, WBA, OH MY!

Whew!  Has it really been SIX days since my last post? My blogger supporters are gonna hunt me down and string me up. There are rules, you know.

If it makes anyone feel any better, and I am sure it does not, but I have not been lounging around, twiddling my thumbs while my blogs go untouched. I have actually spent more time on the computer these past six days than in any past six days I can think of…then I remembered…the blog!  Darn it. But, not to worry, I tell myself. My current project is completely blog worthy. It has all the fixings – interesting activity, community resource, and involves lots of neat people. Sounds like a blog entry to me!

I am a proud member of the Women’s Business Alliance of Richmond Hill (WBA). I sit on the board, chair the education committee, and mange the website (can you guess which one has kept my blog postless?).  It is a wonderful organization. You should check it and its members out. If you are living in the area, we offer some great resources, savvy business women, and pride ourselves on client service. If you are relocating to the area, these are the ladies to know to make your new house a home – and fast!  If you are starting a new business in the area, there are some phenomenal resources to get you off on the right track.  Oh yeah, and we have a lot of fun, too!


The website is hosted by the awesome team of Donna Lynn and company over at Converge FX.  She understands the importance of client service.  She understands the importance of client service and is making some big changes to service her clients better. However, that often has some glitches in the mix.  She and I have been working feverishly to update and recreate a sorely outdated webpage. The road has been long and consuming, but the end result is looking pretty good. I couldn’t have asked for better help – thanks Donna Lynn! Check the website out and let me know what you think. You guys have always been my most honest critics.


  1. I just wanted to express some of my opinions on the WBA. I am in this wonderful organization w/ and I too serve on the board as Secretary. We have done so much this year to provide our members with support, leadership, great speakers on how to make your business work for you. Since joining the group in July of last year I have met some extraordinary women who I am proud to know. You see us everywhere, from Hill of Beans to 606. We all have something to do with the community and we are all involved in it as well. If you are wanting to boost your business up a notch then you should check us out every 2nd Tuesday of the month. I am a Pampered Chef Director here in Richmond Hill and my business has grown tremendously the past year. I have really gotten my name out there for people to know who I am and what I have to offer. Like April said this is a Phenomenal organization.

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