Happy Mother’s Day

I love my family.  How’s that for an understatement? I didn’t have a Mother’s Day – I had, like, 4!

My husband and I don’t typically exchange gifts on holidays – we save all that for the kids. But, this Mother’s Day, he informed me earlier this week, he was going to the jewelry store. Did I have any input? Well, heck yeah! If you’re gonna spend that kind of money, can we go to the Sprint store instead? Geeky, I know. But, I have been coveting the Treo for months – maybe a year already. He’s glad he asked and, of course, I can get whatever I want. YAY!! But, I can’t get into Savannah until Friday. Boo! The anticipation really was exciting. Finally, I get my phone! How cool is that! Brand spanking new Treo 755 – go to the website and it is still listed as “coming soon.” Full of myself and my new gadget – maybe just a bit. But, you’ll have to indulge me. I don’t get to be on the cutting edge very often.

As if that weren’t enough, my wonderful husband takes us all (our whole family, my folks, and his) to our favorite restaurant. And, I don’t even have to wait until Sunday. Vickie has to work on Mother’s Day (what a bunch of crap!) so we decide to go on Saturday.Really better all the way around – surely not as crowed. Fantastic food (I LOVE seafood), the girls behave beautifully, everybody has a good time, and it isn’t even Sunday yet!

Well, now it is and who could ask for more? Wonderful husband, beautiful kids, two of the best moms in the world, great food, awesome present, and Earl wins Survivor. I truly get more than I deserve.