Great Causes to Support


I know some of the best people!  These are the kinds of
people who are always looking for ways to use their business sense to help
others. These are successful folks who
realize that, while their own bills must get paid, it is pointless if the
community they live in is not all that it could be.

Ann Johnson helps those closest to my heart – kids. She is part of the Savannah Ambucs. This is the group that provides mobility
solutions for people with disabilities. Kids who are physically incapable of riding a traditional bicycle are
provided with one that they can operate depending on their individual needs.


Tina Torres, my
personal Pampered Chef consultant, is participating in the Help Whip Cancer
program through her business. Pampered
Chef is donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Sarahlyn Argrow has turned her passion and her circumstance
into her career. She and her associates
at A Working Woman in Need have developed a phenomenal, non-profit program to assist
single women develop the skill sets they need to be able to go into the
workforce and provide for their families. This group has the best attitude. Don’t shake your finger at the problem and talk about it – FIX IT!


Lisa Scarbrough is the President of Coastal Pet Rescue. This non-profit, all volunteer organization not only saves pets and
finds them homes, but they also provide great education to help us pet owners
care for that four legged family member.

Rich DeLong is the administrator over at Magnolia Manor in Richmond Hill. From guest speakers, special events to daily activities,
this assisted living facility is doing a great job of helping take care of
those who took care of us.

Are there more? Sure
there are. Who are your favorites? Join me in a big “Thanks!” and get the word
out about great people doing wonderful things.



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