Kirk and Jeri-Lynn Renovation Project

Kirk and Jeri-Lynn Renovation Project

It is a great benefit of my profession that often clients become friends.  Such is the case with Kirk and Jeri-Lynn.

When I met this couple last year, they were engaged.  Kirk is an officer in the Army.  Jeri-Lynn is a college student. Neither had owned their own home.  Being from out of town, house shopping had to be seriously condensed.  We looked at what felt like hundreds of homes over the course of two days. As you can imagine, that pace is exhausting.  But Kirk and Jeri were such a nice couple, you almost didn’t notice.

They found a cute home.  Perfect starter house.  It was located in a popular neighborhood and the price was good.  However, it had been rental property for some time. As is typical, this meant it needed work.  But Kirk and Jeri weren’t scared – they were actually excited over the opportunity to really get in and make this house their own.

Now, they are no longer engaged – they are newlyweds! I had the opportunity to have lunch with them the other day. Lots of laughs and good company.  Afterwards, they invited me back to the house to see their work.  It was amazing!  Carpet had given way to beautiful laminate.  Kitchen tile had been replaced, wallpaper was replaced by fresh paint, and they had even removed an entire wall to open up the living room!

They aren’t finished yet, but I am sure they will be soon.  I can’t wait to post pictures so you can see why I am so excited for this new couple. I will also share with you some of the funny stories about the cat in the closet and the hole in the wall!


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