Doctors and Dentist and Children – Oh My!

I was fairly certain that yesterday was gonna be a long one.  I was not disappointed.

The two oldest girls needed their six month dentist checkup – so did I for that matter.  To make things easier, I scheduled them all for the same time.  At the last minute, my office meeting was rescheduled for the same day – ugh.  Drop the kids off at school, get to the office, dash back to pick the girls up for the appointment. Of course they are horrified at my timing.  One would think they would be elated to leave in the middle of the day.  But, unbeknown to me, I had interrupted music and gym class – I should be ashamed!

The girls like the dentist (crazy, I know), so that didn’t make me too nervous.  What I had not anticipated was what they would do to occupy themselves while I was in the chair.  The office is equipped for children – maybe too well.  I hear them chasing each other with the “bug pops out of the bubble gum wrapper” toy.  Not acceptable.  Let’s color.  Savannah decides she wants to be the one to clean my teeth.  She gets to hold the water sucker thing.  She does real good for a minute.  Then she puts in her mouth, tries to suck up things on her shirt and mine, gets bored and drops it.  We need a new one.

Finish up pay the bill (I think my dental insurance costs me more than I save).  Got to get them lunch (they have missed it at school), get them back to class and make it across town because I have a doctor’s appointment myself.  Girls had not considered that they would have to go back to school.  The children that I had to drag out of school now have to be dragged back. Always a pleasant experience.

Get to my doctor’s appointment and the planets must be aligned.  No traffic so I wasn’t late.  Great doctor and she wasn’t late either.  In and out and good to go.  Have to get back across town to round up all the children.  Two oldest – check.  Two youngest – check…wait a minute…

Emily has a fever. She is not happy about it and it is obvious her ear is bothering her.  The change in weather coupled with all this pollen as made her stuff and now I am sure it is in her ears.  Fever gets higher, give her some medicine to help her feel better and watch.  1 AM – fever is back, higher than before and Emily is miserable. Definitely her ears and maybe a bit of sinus.

Today should have been catch up work day after Dentist/Doctor day. Oh well, will have to reschedule that for essentials during nap time. As much as I love real estate, my Emily is way cooler.  I know you are not surprised.

Off to start my Doctor/Mommy day.

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