Liberty County pursues “Entrepreneur Friendly” State Designation

It amazes me each time I am out with a new home buyer and they ask, “How are the business opportunities in the area?” The courage of people who will move into a new area and begin a new business is impressive. It is a trait I admire and so I was excited to hear Kenny Smiley address the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce’s plan to help these folks out.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Small Business & Innovation Division has implemented a procedure facilitated by the Regional Project Managers-Entrepreneur & Small Business (RPM-ESB) to help communities build a framework for entrepreneurs to find information quickly, easily, and effectively. The outcome of this, hopefully, is to provide a better start for new businesses and increase collective economic growth. 

The steps to the plan are centered on creating a comprehensive and user friendly step by step guide to starting your own business in said town. The efforts are then reviewed by the RPM-ESB and they will issue the designation of “Entrepreneur Friendly” is successful and assist in the plan implementation. 

Only a handful of counties have achieved this designation as of this writing. More are in the process and many have not even started. It should be a credit to Hinesville, and Liberty County as a whole, that they are taking the leap and putting forth the effort to produce a system where tomorrow’s entrepreneurs have a head start on the road to success.

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