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My father’s people call me Hapa Haoli. The words are Hawaiian; Hapa, meaning half, and Haoli meaning, white or mainlander. My mother is a beautiful Georgia Peach with the hair and freckles of the Irish and my dad is Hawaiian with salt water in his veins and sand in his hair. Both cultures are so rich with family tradition. So, you could say that I am a southern transplanted Hawaiian with a strong sense of family.

I am a southerner by heart, by speech, and by eats. There is nothing about the south I don’t like. From cornbread to grits and from hundred degree weather to 100 percent humidity. I have a drawl, I say ya’ll and a cook with so much ham hock and butter my vegetables are unhealthy. I say ma’am and sir and I can tell you, with pretty good accuracy, where yonder is. I love family reunions, weddings at the bride’s Grandma’s house, and azaleas in the springtime. I love the way southern people don’t move to fast, the way we take the time to say hello and smile. The way we take things easy – we really have no choice – most of the time it is too hot to do anything fast. Most of the colleges aren’t as big, but the football is great. Most of the doctor’s aren’t as rich, but he knows my history without my chart. My history, my momma’s, my two sisters my aunt, our neighbor – you get the point. I wouldn’t give up my Southern roots for all the tea in China – because we drink ours sweet and I don’t think they do.

I am Hawaiian by birth. My father comes from a family whose tree is planted firmly in the sands that are Hawaii. My father makes it a point to impress upon us the importance of the Hawaiian blood. Its traditions are rich and family important. I don’t have any Hawaiian friends. They are all family. They are not Mr. and Mrs. They are Auntie and Uncle.

In Hawaii, you are of the land or you are a visitor. There is no place in a Hawaiian’s heart for disrespect of the islands. The land is sacred. It is a part of the history of the people and as such has embedded upon its children the love and respect due to an honored parent. My father has done his best to keep traditions alive. It has been hard since we live so far away, but he has done well. My sisters and I can cook some of the more common dishes such as luau luau and lomi salmon, and we all dance the hula. The distance between the place I was born and the place I was raised is great, but they are both home.

My family is my rock. I believe that even without oxygen, my family could sustain me. The people in my tree define who I am. My mother has given me the courage to withstand all things. She has taught me the meaning of integrity and perseverance. She showed me how wisdom was important and that taking a stand was cool. She gave me the permission to open my mouth in protest as long as I remember that everyone deserves respect. My father gave me the backbone to follow through. He taught me that who you are is shown more by what you do than what you say, who you know or what you have. Together they showed me that nothing is more important than waking up every morning knowing you were loved unconditionally. I now have my own children to love unconditionally.

My two oldest girls are like sun up and sun down – both beautiful and glorious yet on completely opposite ends of the earth. My two babies are still new and 11 months apart. Yet they have already given me more than I could ever imagine. They feed me life. As much as parents are supposed to teach their children, they have taught me more. They have showed me that most answers are simple and most hurts can be cured by a hug and an ice cream. I now know that folded clothes, if left unattended for a second, will need to be folded again and dirt has radar. I have also learned that their best chance of becoming wonderful adults involves being around wonderful adults. In this they have shown me the kind of person I strive to be.

And my husband, the wonderful father of these children. He is my perfect complement. We differ from some of the married people we know in that we actually like each other. Forget the fact that we are married – we are best friends. He thinks I am great. I know it is because of him.


I have the best friends. They are like a bouquet of flowers – each different and colorful and bringing incredible life into my world. I love them dearly. They are more than friends, they are fellow journeyers. They walk with me down my life’s path and allow me to experience theirs.

My personality evolves everyday. With each new experience my repertoire changes. I grow and learn and increase myself. But who I am, where I am from
and the things I hold important are as certain as Georgia Heat, Hawaiian Surf and the roots that have been nurtured by each.


  1. I SOO… love this! Almost as much as I love you! Keep up the writing, because you are awesome at it.

  2. It’s always nice to know a little bit about the person behind the blog posts. Good luck with your blog.

  3. April Groves says:

    Thanks so much. I am so fond of my family friends. I love to talk about them and how great they are. I appreciate their support in making me a better person.

  4. April – What a great bio about you! I am going to change mine now. Thank you!

  5. Opps – I don’t know if my last post went in. BUT.. I was telling you that you have a great bio. I LOVED IT. I am going to change mine and add you to my blogroll!

  6. April Groves says:

    Thanks so much, Christine. You are my “virtual encourager.” I can’t wait to read your new post!

  7. You have not changed one bit since school. Stay the way you are and you will go far…

  8. Gail Onken says:

    APril, April:
    After knowing you for two years, I took great delight in reading “About Me” on your web site. It explains a lot about why I think you are so wonderful. I hope we will be friends for a long time. One of your biggest admirers. Gail

  9. Brian, I am glad you stopped by my online home. It was good to “see” you.

  10. Gail,
    How fortunate it is for me that ours paths crossed and you saw fit to befriend me. You and your husband are awesome people and the kindness you have bestowed on Mark and I is appreciated.

  11. Greer Allgood says:

    April – there is so much to you and about you that I really find too special for words. You are truly gifted & blessed. I have enjoyed spending time with you and can’t wait to get to know you, your husband and your family better. Besides, we have a lot more in common than I think we thought!

  12. “From cornbread to grits and from hundred degree weather to 100 percent humidity. I have a drawl, I say ya’ll and a cook with so much ham hock and butter my vegetables are unhealthy. I say ma’am and sir and I can tell you, with pretty good accuracy, where yonder is.”
    Great description! If I ever have anyone moving to GA, I’ll be sure to give you a call..
    Nice job with your blogs.

  13. Nick – I really appreciate that. Hope to see you around often 🙂

  14. April,
    You are a natural people person & writer with contagious enthusiasm. I have enjoyed so much getting to know you and look forward to having you as a guest speaker at our event in November and for what’s to come your way…Continue to spread your wings and fly!

  15. Christy,

    You have never failed to motivate me and encourage me just when I needed it.

    Thank you so much for being my friend.

  16. April, this is one of the nicest, well written bio’s I have ever read. I am also a Realtor in Greenbrier, TN. I wish I had your way with words!

    Best Wishes,
    Oniece Gregory

  17. Thanks so much! My family is my best thing and I so love my life. I am glad you let me share it with you.

  18. I finally checked out this part of your site. Nice to get to know you a little better. Hope things are going well for you!

  19. Zachary,

    Thanks! This happens to be my favorite page 🙂

  20. Brian Dunn says:

    I live in Panama City now, But I enjoy reading Turn around Tuesday. Good luck in all you do.

  21. Terri Lynne says:

    I am so proud of you. You are doing so good for yourself. You were my inspiration to become a mom and thank you for that everyday. My children keep me going all the time. You and your family are beautiful people inside and out and I do miss your accent. You were like an older sister to me. Thank you so much for everything.

  22. Terri – You have made my day. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I so wish we were closer. We were both going through so much change when our paths crossed. What fun it would be to have that closeness back without all the other stuff…

  23. Man….the more I look at your page, the more I realize that mine needs work!! I’m beginning to wonder how school and blogging will get along…

    I think I did the same thing as you for my “about” section…I took the stuff that I put in that section on MySpace, and copied it onto my wordpress page. I thought I was being lazy, but maybe not!

    There’s no kudos section here, and I don’t have any cool blogging buttons for you, but if I did, I’d give you a bunch!

    Love ya Girl!
    – Theresa

    • Theresa – you are doing fine. You will find the blogging style that suits you best. And I would never accuse you of being lazy!

      And your comment on my page is all the bloggy button I need 🙂

  24. Terri Lynne says:

    I told their father that we have to buy a house in GA, so we can get it from you. I got the usual repsonse, okay we can do that. I have changed so much from having those conversation with you in JAX and I am glad because I have become a better person. I just wish that it hadnt ended so quick. I always knew that you would become successful because you are a wonderful person.

  25. April – What a great biografia about you and a great photos 😉

  26. Charisse Bryant says:

    Hey, April it’s nice to see that a fellow classmate is doing well for herself.

    • Charisse!

      How are you?! It is amazing to see you here! I’d like to think I am doing really well, but as you can see, I have managed to get myself a little backed up on answering my mail.

      I hope things are well with you and I look forward to hearing more about where you are.

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